Information For Clients

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Information For Clients

Paul Keegan Associates has over 30 years experience in architecture and design. We have developed a design process that achieves award winning projects and satisfied clients. This section sets out a basic guideline for clients, which is adopted in similar forms across the profession, so that the process of building design and procurement can be understood from the start.

The Brief

We initially meet with potential clients to discuss your project and ideas. There is no charge for the initial meeting. We then prepare a fee proposal for your consideration. Once appointed we will meet again and go through your project in greater detail listening too and understanding your desires and aspirations. There then follows the design process which can be tailored to suit each individual clients requirements.

The Design Process

  • 1. Outline / Sketch designs.
  • 2. Scheme Design / Planning Submission
  • 3. Detail Design / Building Regulations
  • 4. Production Information / Details / Schedules
  • 5. Tender Procedure or Negotiation With Contractors
  • 6. On Site Construction / Contract Administration
  • 7. Completion

Appointment of Consultants

The appointment of other consultants will depend on the size and complexity of each individual project. A Structural Engineer will normally be required on all but the most modest of projects. A Quantity Surveyor is advisable for larger more complex projects to provide independent cost information from an early stage. Other consultants may be required again depending on complexity or to provide specialist input as part of the planning process:

  • M & E Services Engineers
  • Planning Consultants
  • Health and Safety Consultants
  • Landscape Architects
  • Party Wall Surveyors
  • Ecological Consultants

Planning Process

We will advise on whether a planning application is required and guide you through the process. The planning portal at provides helpful advice to home owners on the planning process and has easy to use interactive tools to explain the procedure.

The Tender Procedure

Usually we advise that projects are sent out to several contractors for competitive tendering. We encourage clients to only use contractors who have a proven track record and excellent references. If traditional tendering is not appropriate then we can advise on alternatives methods of procurement by negotiation.

On site construction or Contract Administration

We can administer the building contract between client and contractor. This would allow us to verify payments to the contractor and ensure that the works are being carried out in accordance with the approved design.

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